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Welcome to InDiGo

BIG Thanks to everyone who came out for the
Small Freeze VI !!!
Hope you had a blast :)

The Proper Tee &
Independent Disc Golf


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11-15-15 Pat Blake aced Hole 3, Elver and TAPped the $360 ace pool.

11-29-15 Trygve Schadler aced Hole 9, Baraboo and TAPped the $340 ace pool.

1-24-16 Michael Roggenbuck aced Hole 11, Bird's Ruins and Tapped the $30 ace pool.

UW-Baraboo disc golf course

April 2012

Garner Park disc golf temp-course. 

March 2012 - Madison, WI

See more temp courses here...Videos.

Special Thanks to
Fly Freely Productions
for the video coverage of our events!

What's up next...

T.A.P. League

Sunday, April 9

Oakwood Nature Park

Fennimore, WI

@ 10:00am

Round 1: Singles: $12.00

Round 2: Doubles: $12.00

$360 on T.A.P.

Traveling Ace Pool League


Sunday, March 26th @ 10:00 am

Veteran's Hills DGC

Viroqua, WI

$12.00 entry fee, payouts, & T.A.P.

$360 on T.A.P.


Traveling Ace Pool League 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Grey Fox Disc Golf Course

Silver Lake, WI

@ Noon

$12.00 entry fee, payouts, & T.A.P.

$360 on T.A.P.

NEXT WEEK: Sunday, March 26th Veteran's Hills DGC in Viroqua, WI

Do you play at the

Proper Tee?


Are you wondering what happened to the donation box?

You're not alone.

2 months ago the donation box was stolen.

Luckily we had just recently emptied the cash inside so the thieves got away with a bug infested steel box and a moldy log.

If you love the course and understand the privilege of having access to such a unique place, please make a donation today by clicking the donate button.

Proceeds will continue to be used for maintaining the course & supporting Indigo events.

Please remember that the Proper Tee will be closed for the deer, gun hunting season November 19-27th.

The Proper Tee now  has a 20 hole layout.

Follow along closely as not everything is marked nor renumbered.

NEW # = OLD description

Hole 1 = Hole 1

Hole 2 = Hole 2 Tee to new basket placed to the right

Hole 3 = Black Tee Hole 3 to Basket 4

Hole 4 = Black Tee Hole 5 to NEW hanging basket (seen above)

Hole 5 = Hole 6

Hole 6 = Hole 7

Hole 7 = Hole 8

Hole 8 = Hole 9

Hole 9 = Hole 10

Hole 10 = Hole 11

Hole 11 = Hole 12

Hole 12 = Hole 13

Hole 13 = Hole 14

Hole 14 = Hole 15

Hole 15 = Hole 16

Hole 16 = Hole 17

Hole 17 = Hole 18

Hole 18 = Hole 3

Hole 19 = Hole 4

Hole 20 = Hole 5

ENJOY!!! and don't forget to donate via the DONATE Button above.

Currently there is $360 on T.A.P.

$126 in BJP's Jackpot!


Small Freeze



March 4, 2017.

Click here for details!

Pre-register thru the 

Event Registration 

tab at the top of the page.

(online registration ends Thursday, March 2 @ 6:00 pm)

Small Freeze VI

(bulletin board)

  • All You Can Eat (A.Y.C.E) Breakfast @ Knuckle Down   9:00-11:00am

  • Raffle tickets $5/ea or $20 for 5 tickets                       GRAND PRIZE ==>  Full size Disc Golf Basket!!!!

  • 50/50 Raffle (held separately) - tickets are $2/ea

  • Brian's Jump Putt Jack Pot !!

$2 for 3 putters

Make Putts from 15-20-25-40-55-75 feet...



Start with 3 putters.

Putt all 3 from 15 ft.

Take back the putters you make and move on. 

**(If 3 for 3 add 1 putter and move on)

After 15 ft...

Putt all putters from 20 ft.

...then 25 ft.

...then 40 ft...55 ft

...then 75 ft for the Jackpot!

**Any time you are 100% from a certain distance, you earn an extra putter for the next level. Example: If you're 1 for 1 from 55 ft you'll get 2 putts from 75 ft. 

The cost is $2.00 for 3 putters.


Past Events from 2016 and beyond...

Play the new holes at Bird's Ruins this

Saturday, February 20

Click here for event flyer.

February 13 & 14 

D'natseih - The best disc golf course on Madison's Eastside!

Sign-Up to play 

at The Sundown Saloon

(57 S. Stoughton Rd.)

What: HIESTAND disc golf course will be temporarily set-up BACKWARDS! We're talking a full 18 hole, unbelievable disc golf course. You won't want to miss this!

When: Saturday, February 13 & Sunday, February 14, starting at 8:00 am

Where: Check-In @ The Sundown Saloon anytime, either day, between 8:00 am-1:00 pm . 
Sign-in and make your $5 donation. Donations to help fund The Small Freeze V

Who: ANYONE interested in playing on this one of a kind course. 

We will also be running a BYOPartner, Best-Shot Doubles League with flexible starting times throughout the day Saturday and again on Sunday. 
Come to the Sundown Saloon anytime, either day, between 8:00 am-12:00 pm to sign-up and receive a scorecard. 

$34 on TAP.
The league is $5.00 + $2.00 ace pool

The course will be set-up all day!

Please bring a $5.00 donation.
Donations to help fund The Small Freeze V 

If you have Facebook, please pass this on!!

If you have questions, please text Brian (608)- 213-7459

Sunday, January 24

10:00 am Sign-In

$10 + $2 Ace Pool

Bird's Ruins Disc Golf


Marshall, WI

Indigo's Chain Links

Indoor Putting League

Week 2 will be this Saturday, January 16 at

The Barrel Inn

Marshall, WI

The cost is $7.00

1:30-2:00 pm

Meet in the Horseshoe shed out back.

The Barrel Inn has specials on homemade pizzas and pitchers of beer on Saturdays.

The format of the league will be slightly different than Week 1

How the league will be played.

Groups will be chosen randomly.

We will have a round robin series of the game "Chain Links".

Plus, everyone will get 1 attempt at Jump Putt Jackpot.

Chain Links

A game similar to horseshoes played with 2 putters.

Each player gets 2 putts per round.

Make 1/2, get 1 point

Make 2/2, get 3 points

First team to 15 points wins & earns 10 extra points.

Jump Putt Jackpot

Start with 3 putters.

Putt all 3 from 15 ft.

Take back the putters you make and move on. 

**(If 3 for 3 add 1 putter and move on)

Putt all putters from 20 ft.

...then 25 ft.

...then 35 ft...45 ft...55 ft

...and finally from 70 ft for the Jackpot!

**Any time you are 100% from a certain distance, you earn an extra putter for the next level. Example: If you're 1 for 1 from 60 ft you'll get 2 throws from 75 ft.

Players will earn points based on the putts they successfully make. 

These points will be added to the individual's points earned during the first game and top point winners will be paid in cash.

Jump Putt Jackpot is also available to be played separately from the league.

The cost is $2.00 for 3 putters.

Future leagues TBA weekly.

UW-Baraboo Disc Golf Course

Sunday, November 29

@ 10:00 am

$10 League Play + $2 Ace Pool

$314 on TAP

Sunday, November 22

Lake Leota Park

Evansville, WI

10:00 am Player's meeting & Sign-In

$10 for singles score

$2 for Ace Pool

$292 on TAP

Dodgeville High School campus - CANCELLED!

Newly designed, never been played, soon to be permanent, 9-hole disc golf course.

Designed by Chris Follmer & Duster Don this course is full of rolling hillsides and plenty of large trees, fences, and roads to keep players honest.

Sunday, November 15

Elver Park


$10 Singles

$2 ace pool

$360 on TAP

If course is closed we will be at Hiestand.

If Hiestand is also closed we will be at Evansville.

Watch for future leagues possibly in Dodgeville & Baraboo.

Sunday, November 8

Hiestand Park


(sorry if you missed this one)

Sunday, November 1

Bird's Ruins Disc Golf Course

Marshall, WI 10:00 am

$10 Singles

$2 Ace Pool

Last Call for Disc Golf at 151 Speedway!

Sunday, October 25

$10 Singles at 10:00 am

$5  Doubles at 3:00pm

$2 Ace pool - Good for both rounds!

Still $360 on TAP!


The TAP will be at the 9-Springs Golf Challenge on Saturday, October 17.

It is Indigo's way of supporting the event organized by Stix.

9-holes of golf followed by 9-holes of disc golf. Field is limited to 20 spots and at least 15 are filled. If interested, text me 608-213-7459.

Sunday, Oct 18

Indigo League

151 Speedway

Columbus, WI

$10 Singles + $2 Ace Pool.

As usual, it is possible there will be a second league in the afternoon.

The format will be decided by group consensus.

Your $2 Ace Pool is good all day!

Packers play at 4:25 pm on Sunday.

There is a TV just off the fairway of Hole 16.

Sunday, October 11

10:00 am

151 Speedway

Columbus, WI

$10 Singles - $2 Ace Pool

Possible second league & format in the afternoon including TAP.

Grills are available to use. BYO Charcoal, food, & drink.

$360 on TAP

18 hole temporary disc golf course

Open to everyone!

Every Sunday in October!

Saturday, April 11

Zobel Memorial Park

Green Lake, WI

$320 on TAP


@ 10:00 am

$10 Singles - Pro Tees

$ 2  Ace Pool

again @ 2:30 pm

$5 Singles - tbd

$2 Ace Pool

Saturday, April 4

Crystal Lake Park

Beaver Dam, WI

$288 on TAP!

@ 10:00 am

$10 Singles

$2 Ace Pool

Saturday, March 28

Rock River Disc Golf Course

Watertown, WI

10:00am Sign-In by kiosk

$10 Singles

$2 Ace Pool

Saturday, March 21

$10 Singles

$2 Ace Pool

Twining Park

Monroe, WI


Saturday, March 14

$10 Singles

$2   Ace Pool

Lake Leota Park

Evansville, WI

10:00 am

meet at the shelter 

18 Players showed up. We played 9 holes Long Tees to Short Pins and 9 holes Long Tees to Long Pins. Top scores: 53,53,54,54,54,54. 

There were no aces. 

Next Week: Twining Park in Monroe, WI

Indigo Temp Course Report

Saturday, March
7, 2015

The Small Freeze 4

100% Cash Payout 
$360 on T.A.P.


Indigo will have a 12-18 hole course set up at the 151 Speedway property...maybe the "original" layout???


Course will be ready by 9:30am.

Leagues at 10:15am

Indigo will be setting up a 9 hole temp course at Lakeview Community Park in Middleton this Saturday! (Actually 10 or 13 holes)
Shawn Finnegan will be running a random draw doubles round. $5.
10:00am. Show up early! 
Course will be ready by 9:00am. 

Open to everyone until 4:00pm

Park in lot on Mendota Ave., Middleton, WI

Please consider donating a few dollars to help support Indigo. 

Peace & Thanks,


Season's Greetings Disc Golfers!

Thank you for checking out InDiGo!

The temp course season is just warming up. Indigo will be setting up a familiar 9 hole temp course at Elvehjem Park tomorrow, Saturday, December 27.

Thanks to Shawn Finnegan for running a random draw doubles round. Cost is just $5.
Meet at the Elvehjem Park shelter at 10:00am.
Please show up early! Course will be ready by 9:00am. You can park on Painted Post drive.

From Cottage Grove Rd. turn on Ellen Ave then take your first right onto Painted Post.

The course is for everyone to play and will be open until 4:30pm.
There will be a donation can on site near hole 1.
Please consider donating a few dollars to help support Indigo. 

Peace & Thanks,

If you'd like to join my email list to be be notified when I have another event on T.A.P. please send me a message at [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support.


Brian Peck

Fast Cars Disc Golf Tournament

Saturday, June 7th - 151 Speedway - Columbus, WI

Bring Your Own Partner Doubles Tournament

2 rounds of 18 holes

Round 1: Best Shot Doubles

(break for FREE lunch - 2 burgers/brats/veggieburgers/chicken sandwich & beer/soda)

Round 2: Alternate Shot Doubles

Men's Top Tier:        $42/player

Men's Midgrade:      $32/player

Women's Division:  $15/player    NEW!

(women's division will have added cash to their payout)

Register on-site: Friday, June 6th or 

Saturday, June 7th by 9:00 am

This event has tons of perks and fun highlights!

- Cash payouts for all divisions

- Hand Crafted Trophies by Clover Studios

- Course open for practice rounds Friday, June 6th 8am-4pm 
- Camping available Friday & Saturday night.
- WIN a DGA Mach II full size disc golf basket!

- $10 Singles round w/TAP on Saturday after tournament
- Concessions Open during the tournament 
- Beer

- and much, much more!!!

To get your FREE pass for admission to the Friday Night Races, Stop by the course for a practice round or 2 or 3...Friday between 8:00 am-4:00 pm.  After 4:00 simply look for the disc golfer's campsite as you enter the Speedway. We'll be on the right. Please be there by 7:0pm!

Dazed? Confused? Lost? No problem...text/call Brian @ (608) 213-7459

Saturday is a completely separate event from Friday. Registration opens at 8:00 am at the end of the concessions building. There will be coffee & doughnuts.